14-day VegeCleanse Plus Detox Program


contains all the necessary nutrients together with herbs and other ingredients to help detoxify the body


With the advent of spring and warmer weather, most of us want to get rid of extra pounds accumulated in winter. We are starting to think more and more about the coming summer. There will be a chance then to show off your abdominal muscles. But very often just one problem exists: these muscles are hiding under abundant adipose tissue, and getting rid of “spare tire” belly becomes a very difficult task. Both for women and men.

The vast majority of weight loss programs do not envisage that during process of burning fat tissue, a large amount of fat-soluble toxins appear in the blood in a short time. Toxins, which were previously deposited in adipose tissue in order to minimize their poisoning effect on the rest of the body.

All internal organs and, above all, the body’s main detoxification organ – the liver – become overloaded with a large amount of toxins, which impairs their proper functioning. Therefore, the combination of weight loss program with a properly planned detoxification, supports the fast removal of toxins and makes rapid fat loss safe for our health. Detoxification facilitates weight loss also because it removes substances that interfere with proper functioning of human body. Proper physiology and biochemistry are essential for maintaining a low body weight.

The perfect detox program and at the same time also a weight loss program is a product that contains all the necessary nutrients together with herbs and other ingredients to help detoxify the body. Such a product provides adequate nutrition. One of the very few programs of this type available on the market is a professional dietary supplement: the 14-day VegeCleanse Plus Detox Program.

Inside the package of this product there are 28 sachets of powder for making smoothies and 28 packages with four capsules of detoxifying ingredients and proteolytic enzymes to help digest proteins when taken in liquid form. Usually, the product is used in such a way that instead of breakfast, you drink a cocktail made of powder and pure water (the powder sachet contains all the necessary nutrients and detoxifying ingredients) and then you also take 4 capsules (Amino-D Tox and Hydrolyzyme enzymes). The same is done in the evening, and one can take this product instead of dinner. In the middle of the day, an easy-to-digest lunch is suggested, which, for example, may consist of vegetables and fish or turkey meat. There is a brochure in the product packaging that contains specific nutritional suggestions, including what to eat for breakfast and dinner in case the cocktail does not satisfy hunger of the person using this program.

Why is smoothie powder sufficient to completely replace breakfast or dinner?

It contains the right amount of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats). Contains 17 grams of protein per serving to help support muscle mass during your detox program and to fuel liver enzymes that drive the detoxification process. This protein comes from a source known to have a minimal amount of lectins and very well tolerated by the vast majority of people. It is yellow peas grown in North America.

This protein provides a wide spectrum of amino acids, including the very important branched chain amino acids. The powder also contains all the important minerals as well as vitamins and nutrients to support all phases of the body’s detoxification. It also contains fibrin to help cleanse the intestines and many herbs to promote optimal liver function.


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