a unique proprietary botanical adaptogen, formulated on the principles of Tibetan medicine, regulates, normalizes, and supports cardiovascular and immune systems



Dr. Vladimir Badmaev, MD, PhD



Healthy circulation is a leading health priority for Americans

Adaptrin®: Healthy Circulation & Vital Energy*

Adaptrin is a botanical and mineral formula whose origins lie in the principles of Tibetan medicine. Adaptrin is designed to nutritionally support the healthy cardiovascular and immune systems. Based on the long-standing tradition of nutritional use and published studies, Adaptrin lowers stress levels, sharpens memory, overall energy and alertness, sleep patterns; and promotes an increased general subjective sense of well-being.

One of the interesting aspects of Adaptrin’s mechanism is that none of the individual ingredients of the formula has been used in a significant dose. In view of the clinically confirmed efficacy of Adaptrin, it is the synergistic mechanism of suboptimal-dose ingredients that operates in the formula which provides its health benefits. This cumulative mechanism may help mobilize the body’s own means to improve health by the gradual build-up of adaptation energy— hence its name.

Adaptrin® has shown unique bioprotectant properties that help nutritionally address deterioration of blood circulation. The usefulness of the formula in the nutritional management of clogging of the arteries (technically known as peripheral arterial disease or PAD) was clinically evaluated in 5 double blind clinical and open label studies performed in the several European countries and in the USA. In the 12 week administration of the formula (1 tablet 3 times a day) the symptoms of poor blood circulation improved significantly, enabling patients to increase the pain free walking distance by 50% comparing to the placebo receiving group. One of the first symptoms of clogging of the arteries is pain or muscle cramping when walking. By the time the symptoms show up, it is an indication of deteriorating circulation in the body. The poor circulation and lack of oxygen-rich blood reaching the tissues manifest as tiredness, forgetfulness, muscle cramping, muscle pain, hand or leg “falling asleep”, tingling sensation in extremities or cold hands and feet.

Adaptrin®, (60 tabs. – $28.88, or 180 tabs. – $82.30) is available at the Back To Nature, Inc., green pharmacy stores in Chicago,

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