50 ml

headaches, muscle pain, common cold, flu, indigestion, as well as calming nerves and promoting restful sleep.


Original Carmelite Essence


 especially indispensable in the autumn and winter period of colds and flu!



ARGOL® ESSENZA BALSAMICA is a natural remedy based on the wisdom of cloister Carmelitan monk herbalists. It is a unique blend of pure and natural essential oils:  Melissa (Oleum Melissae), Cinnamon (Oleum Cinnamoni Cassiae). Clove (Oleum Caryophylli), Thyme (Oleum Thymi), Lemon (Oleum Citri), Nutmeg (Oleum Myristicae Macidis). Coriander (Oleum Coriandr), Peppermint (Oleum Menthae Piperitae) and natural Menthol (15 g). Contains 1000  60% of ethyl alcohol.

it is used for the internal and external treatment of headaches, muscle pain, common cold, flu, indigestion, as well as calming nerves and promoting restful sleep.

ARGOL® ESSENZA BALSAMICA can be applied orally. Simply combine 10-15 drops of preparation with a little of sugar or dissolve in ½ glass of warm water or tea. For stomach aches and digestive problems it is advised to put the drops in hot mint tea, drink slowly as well as rub your stomach with the preparation.

ARGOL® ESSENZA BALSAMICA used in inhalations provides a pleasant cooling sensation to dry, inflamed nasal passages. Simply dissolve one teaspoonful of the preparation in one liter of boiling water and inhale vapors deeply as often as needed.

ARGOL® ESSENZA BALSAMICA is very effective for muscular aches, due to strain, arthritis, rheumatism, neuralgia, and bruises. Massage a few drops on the affected areas.

ARGOL® ESSENZA BALSAMICA  can be applied on forehead, temples, neck, Chest and behind ears and/or sprinkle a few drops on a cool moist cloth and rub these areas. Lay this cloth on forehead or chest. Repeat all of above applications to achieve best results.

ARGOL® ESSENZA BALSAMICA may also give you a pleasant fresh breath by rinsing your mouth with a solution of the preparation.


Avoid getting in eyes

Keep out of children’s reach.

In case of sever or longer lasting pains consult a physician promptly

The preparation contains 60% alcohol and is not recommended for children.

Available also is ARGOL® ESSENZA Spray.

Weight 2 lbs


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