• provides the most potent blend of plant based, fiber digesting enzymes available.
  • works very quickly, overcoming many of the common symptoms associated with yeast overgrowth.
  • a safe, effective and gentle approach to fungal overgrowth
  • will not harm healthy intestinal flora. does not contain artificial colorings or flavorings, GMOs, sugar, soy, yeast, corn, dairy, gluten or wheat.

CANDISOL®: ENZYMES to Digest Yeast Overgrowth*

For years, the enzymes in Candisol® have provided relief for those who thought that help was beyond them.

Isn’t it time you let Candisol® help you, too?

With No Yeast Die-Off!

What Is Candida?

Candida albicans is asingle celled yeast organism that is impossible to keep out of the body. Normally, it does no harm, because it is kept in check by beneficial bacteria (probiotics) like acidophilus (see Figure 1).These bacteria, however, can be destroyed by birth control pills, antibiotics, steroids, cortisone drugs, chlorinated water, poor diet and extreme stress (see Figure 2). When this occurs, Candida can grow out of control (see Figure 3).

Candida causes problems by releasing toxins into the bloodstream.These toxins trigger many discomforts, including localized (primarily vaginal or rectal) itching, depression, irritability, dizziness, unclear thinking, difficulty focusing, extreme fatigue, loss of memory, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, extreme weight gain or loss, etc. More than 100 million Americans are thought to suffer from Candida overgrowth.

Can I Control It?

For many years, the mainstays in Candida management have been anti-fungal drugs and herbs (see Figure 4). However, these agents have limitations. First, anti-fungal drugs may cause liver damage. Second, anti-fungal drugs and herbs cause yeast to release even more toxins, which cause “die off reactions” (intensifications of symptoms) that many people cannot tolerate. Third, yeast can become resistant to drugs, so that the drugs lose their effectiveness.

Not an Anti-Fungal!

Enzymes to the Rescue!

Since Candida’s cell wall is made mostly of fiber (see Figure 6), fiber digesting enzymes can break it down. When this occurs, the yeast dies. The enzymes that best digest the cell wall of Candida are cellulase, hemicellulase, xylanase, and beta-glucanase.

While digestive aids may contain these enzymes, they do not provide enough of them to combat Candida. For this, aspecialty formulation is needed. Such formulations must be taken on an empty stomach!

Because Candida cannot change the structure of its cell wall, it cannot become resistant to these enzymes. Because the enzymes do not stimulate the yeast to release toxins, they do not trigger adie-off reaction (see Figure 5). In short, you won’t have to feel worse before you feel better. Best of all, fiber digesting enzymes are completely safe.*

A Word About Protease

Because the enzymes in Candisol®are so successful, many companies have introduced competing products. Unfortunately, many of them contain protease enzymes.Where Candida is concerned, protease is unnecessary and may be counterproductive.*

While many researchers offer opinions that protease should not harm probiotics, a laboratory study shows they can. Since a lack of probiotics -the healthy bacteria that help keep Candida in check -is a primary cause of Candida overgrowth, the last thing Candida victims need is something that could destroy them.

While it is true that what happens under laboratory conditions does not always happen in the body, it is also true that protease is not needed to kill Candida (Candisol®could not be so successful if it were).Thus, it makes no sense, in our opinion,to take even the slightest chance on harming vital probiotics.*

Protease enzymes can be used, with meals, as a digestive aid, because the enzymes will use their power digesting foods. However, when used between meals, as is required to fight Candida, such enzymes will encounter, and may destroy, healthy probiotics

How Much Enzyme Activity Do I Need?

For tile past several years we have used fiber digesting enzymes against Candida. We have found about 200,000 daily units of cellulase and ;hemicellulase to be ideal. Candisol®provides 210,000 total units of daily cellulase and hemicellulase activity.*

When Willi Start Feeling Better?

As with all things, individual results will vary. However, nearly everyone notes substantial improvements within one to four weeks.*

While die-off reactions do not occur with Candisol® a few people may experience nausea, a “burning sensation” in the stomach, or abdominal cramping. This is because the enzymes may aggravate pre-existing disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract. If this occurs, we suggest using onehalf of acapsule, twice daily, emptied into eight ounces of warm water, and building up from there.*

To minimize any sensitivity to Candisol®, we suggest one capsule your first day, two your second day, and so on, until you reach the full, four capsule per day regimen.*

SUGGESTED USE: To support a healthy gastrointestinal system

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules Servings Per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving %DV

Cellulase (vegetarian) 65,000 CU

Hemicellulase (vegetarian) 40,000 HCU

Xylanase (vegetarian) 2000 XU

Beta-glucanase (vegetarian) 200 BGU

‘Daily Value (DV) not established.

Other Ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, I-leucine, HPMC

(vegetable capsule).

Frequently Asked Questions…

Can Children Use Candisol®?

Candisol® is safe for everyone. For children, use one-half capsule, twice daily, for each 40 pounds of body weight. For ages 14 and up, adult recommendations may be followed.*

When WillI Be Completely Yeast-Free?

No one will ever be completely yeast free. Indeed, most experts believe that small amounts of yeast are beneficial. The goal is to keep populations beneath levels that cause problems.*

How Long Should I Use Candisol®?

Two capsules of Candisol®in the morning, an hour before breakfast, and two at bedtime, at least two hours after eating (always use with eight ounces of water) normally produce profound improvement in 10 to 30 days. The time needed for maximum benefit, however, varies, because we each have:

  • Different amounts of yeast to overcome
  • Different levels of immune support
  • Different levels of healthy probiotics
  • Different dietary habits
  • Varying levels of stres

The longer you have had a yeast problem, the longer you will likely need to use Candisol ®. When you’re feeling as well as you think you should, cut back from four capsules per day to three for a week; then, to two per day for another week; and finally to one aday. If you continue to feel well, continue with one capsule per day. If you begin to feel worse as you cut back, use four capsules daily for another month, and then cut back again. There is no “one size fits all” solution for Candida.*

When you have attained maximum benefit, you will be able to use one capsule per day without regressing. Sugar, antibiotics, birth control pills, chlorinated water or stress may trigger renewed outbreaks of Candida.’

Should I use Probiotics With Candisol®?

We strongly recommend using a high quality pro biotic supplement with Candisol@. Since there are many brands of both high and low quality probiotics on the market, it is important to let your healthcare practitioner guide you to a brand he or she trusts.*

Have Clinical Studies Been Done On Candisol®?

Laboratory studies show the enzymes in Candisol®inhibit the growth of Candida albicans in vitro. Aclinical study of 52 patients found that Candisol (81 is safe, effective, well tolerated, and causes no significant side effects. The physicians that conducted this study concluded that “Candisol@ should be the first choi’ce for treatment of enteric Candida”. Candisol® is recommended by physicians, nurses, natural health practitioners, and health clinics throughout the country.*

Must I Follow the “Candida Diet”?

While some find that Candisol®permits them to eat foods that are not allowed in normal Candida diets, this is not recommended. You are using Candisol® to reduce yeast populations. Eating foods that feed yeast will lengthen the time you’ll need to use it.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Candida Major Symptoms Test

  • Have you taken any antibiotic drugs or proteolytic enzymes in the past 12 months or for a prolonged period of time? Yes     No
  • Have you been bothered by recurrent vaginal, prostate or urinary tract infections? Yes    No
  • Do you feel “sick all over,” yet in spite of visits to many physicians, the causes haven’t been found? Yes    No
  • Are you bothered by hormone disturbances, including PMS, menstrual irregularities, sexual dysfunction, low body temperature? Yes    No
  • Are you sensitive to exposure of perfumes, colognes, tobacco smoke and other chemical odors? Yes    No
  • Are you bothered with memory or concentration problems? Yes    No
  • Have you had athlete’s foot, ringworm,genital itching or other chronic or persistant fungal infections of the skin or nails? Yes    No
  • Do you crave sugar (chocolate, ice cream, cookies,etc) or carbohydrates (breads, pastas, etc)? Yes    No
  • Do you experience constipation, diarrhea, bloating,gas or abdominal pain? Yes    No
  • Does your skin itch, tingle or burn; or is it unusually dry; or are you bothered by rashes? Yes    No
  • Do you often feel fatigued or “drained”? Yes    No
  • Do you suffer from unexplained muscle and joint pain or swelling? Yes    No

Scoring for Women: If you answered yes to 3 or 4, your health problems are probably yeast connected. If you answered yes to 5 or more questions, your health problems are almost certainly yeast connected.’

Scoring for Men: If you answered yes to 2 or 3, your health problems are probably yeast connected. If you answered yes to 4 or more, your health problems are almost certainly yeast connected.’

Candisol | 120 Capsules:

Dietary Enzyme Supplement

Candisol gently kills Candida by creating holes in the cellular membrane. Candisol does not cause the severe die-off reactions like many anti-yeast treatments. Vegan Enzymes to Support a Health Gastrointestinal Tract Parasitic and fungal organisms can flourish only as long as their cell walls remain intact. The enzymes in Candisol break down these cell walls, and thus help control yeasts and other fungi in the body. Candisol works gently, causing no “die off” reaction, and will not harm healthy intestinal flora. It is 100% vegetarian and contains no wheat, corn, soy, dairy, gluten, sugar, GMO’s or other common allergens.

For many years, the overgrowth of Candida could be addressed only with anti-fungal drugs and herbs. These anti-fungals, however, have been only partially successful. Now, there’s a better way. Because the cell wall of Candida albicans is made most of various types of fiber, cellulase and hemicellulase enzymes “digest” it, or break it down. As this occurs, the yeast dies, with no die off reaction

For over seven years, Candisol has provided the most potent blend of plant based, fiber digesting enzymes available anywhere, and helped countless people live richer, fuller lives. Because of its success, imitations have begun to appear, most of which combine cellulase with mega-doses of protease (protein digesting) enzymes. Because protein digesting enzymes digest whatever proteins they encounter, they destroy the healthy bacteria (acidophilus, bifidus, etc.) that help to keep Candida under control, Since people who suffer with Candida already have low levels of healthy bacteria, this is clearly inappropriate.

If Candida is a problem for you or your loved ones, make sure you insist on the original. In only weeks – and possibly even sooner – it will make a difference that you will find hard to believe.

Product Details:
Fungal organisms can reproduce only if their cell walls are intact. The enzymes in Candisol™ break down these cell walls. Candisol™ is a safe, effective and gentle approach to fungal overgrowth, and will not harm healthy intestinal flora.*

Suggested Adult Use:

To support a healthy gastrointestinal tract, two capsules, twice daily, between meals. For maintenance, one capsule at bedtime. Always use with at least 6 oz. of water.

1/2 capsule, twice daily for each 40 lbs of body weight.

Does not contain artificial colorings or flavorings, GMOs, sugar, soy, yeast, corn, dairy, gluten or wheat.






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