Sträva Regular Strength CBD Infused Coffee


freshly ground beans will offer a perk unlike any other as it wakes you up


Sträva’s Regular Strength CBD Infused Coffees deliver incredible flavor and the perfect amount of CBD to start your day stress-free and feeling your best.


There’s really no magic to it. Strava Regular Strength CBD Coffee is coffee combined with CBD. However, there are two known ways of getting the CBD-Coffee mix. The first one is simple and straightforward. You make a cup of coffee and add a few drops of CBD oil into the mix. You get the best of both worlds – but you’ll have to accept some drawbacks in the process. You see, adding a few drops of CBD oil to a cup of coffee may overpower the taste of the coffee. The CBD oil can be quite bitter, causing that lingering tartness when you take a sip. It’s OK for those who take coffee for that early morning jump. But, if you’re the type of person who likes to savor his coffee, this is not the proper mixture for you. Instead, there is Strava CBD infused coffee made by experts in the industry. Instead of just adding the oil post brew, the oil is infused before any brewing occurs. This is done so that the CBD oil binds with the natural oils found in the coffee, creating a perfectly tasty blend

Best CBD Infused Coffee                                                                                                   First and foremost, we aspire to provide our customers with a delicious cup of coffee. Beyond great taste, our coffees delivers a variety of benefits to consumers, many report feeling less jittery, others describe a general sense of mental focus and calm, easing of stress and anxiety, and with a few cups of coffee, relief from aches and pains.

Does Caffeine Affect CBD Oil?

CBD is praised for its many health benefits, but the pairing with coffee is a stroke of genius as the two products complement each other. You see, CBD manages to make a person feel “relaxed” while coffee prompts a person to feel alert. Most people drink coffee to wake them up in the morning. But, when taken too much, it can cause a jittery sensation for the drinker. You’ll feel nervous, suffer from tremors, and generally have a harder time concentrating even if you are fully awake. This is due to the caffeine. CBD combats this problem by prompting the release of chemicals that will relax your body while still keeping you alert. This makes it ideal for people who are trying to stay awake to meet a deadline at work, trying to study for an exam, or just want the double benefit offered by a CBD infused coffee. Reports state that people who drink CBD infused coffee are “blissfully alert” in that they are able to maintain focus for long periods of time. Manic moments, jittery feelings, and other side effects usually associated with coffee are significantly reduced.

Benefits of CBD Infused Coffee

Aside from the fact that it helps you relax, CBD infused coffee also comes with other benefits that naturally occur due to the presence of CBD. Like coffee, CBD is considered an antioxidant, working to get rid of the toxins in the body. It helps reduce free radicals, which can cause damage at a cellular level. CBD also has a unique effect on the endocannabinoid system. Studies have shown that it can help the body maintain homeostasis by regulating certain functions such as mood, sleep, appetite, memory, and focus. While studies are still continuously being conducted to understand CBD and how it affects the system, there is no doubt that the positive effects of this hemp-derivative is conclusive. CBD coffee is ideal for people suffering from depression and anxiety. What if you don’t have any of these CBD-treatable conditions? Would it still be safe to drink CBD infused coffee? The answer is: yes. Bear in mind though that if you have pre-existing health problems or currently taking certain medications, it’s best to consult your doctor first.

CBD Beans

Buying beans instead of pre-ground coffee helps maintain the freshness of the beans. It can be tough to describe the taste of freshly ground coffee beans as opposed to ground coffee beans. Getting your coffee through freshly ground beans will offer a perk unlike any other as it wakes you up.

Strava CBD Infused Coffee can be purchased at the Green Pharmacies of Nature, Back To Nature, Inc., Chicago and Aralington Heights or our online store: Tel. 847-598-5667

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