Golden Chicken Pro 300 Tabs.




380% more concentrated than chicken breast
ultra-digestible hydrolyzed for easy absorption
contains L-proline an important compound
responsible for tissue repair especially collagen
involved for joint formation.

  • Chicken protein hydrolysate for demanding people
  • Immediate kinetics of absorption
  • High content of BCAA and EAA
  • Perfect source of L-proline
  • Has strong anticatabolic effect
  • Supports building muscle tissue
  • Optimizes after-training regeneration

Olimp Gold Chicken-Pro is chicken protein hydrolysate, which contains precious amino acids necessary for the development of lean body mass. In one portion of the preparation there is as much as 9000 mg of full amino acids with the simultaneously low level of fats and carbohydrates.

Subjecting the material to initial enzymatic hydrolysis causes that it is immediately absorbed in the digestive system and amino acids may efficiently reach the tissues with highest metabolic activity in order to stimulate the synthesis of skeletal proteins after intensive physical effort.

Optimal dose of BCAA
Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) i.e. L-leucin, L-isoleucine and L-valine are incredibly important in the diet of each sportsmen. BCAA are responsible for protecting muscles and exhibit strong anticatabolic properties. Moreover, BCAA take part in the synthesis of neurotransmitters, thanks to which they decrease the feeling of fatigue and positively influence well-being.

Perfect source of exogenous amino acids
The preparation provides the full package of essential amino acids (EAA), thanks to which it effectively initiates anabolic processes. Apart from branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), exogenous amino acids are essential for proper regeneration and building muscle tissue and the organism is not able to synthesize them on its own and they need to be provided from outside. It is believed that insufficient supply of only one exogenous amino acid may contribute to disturbing the whole growth process.

Additive of L-proline – amino acid important for building collagen
The preparation is a great source of L-proline – an endogenous amino acid building proteins. L-proline may be produced by the organism in physiological conditions, however, in case of excessive burden of the movement apparatus, its internal synthesis may turn out to be insufficient.

L-proline influences the stimulation of the activity of mTOR kinase and HGF synthesis (hepatocyte growth factor), thanks to which it contributes to the stimulation of protein synthesis and cell divisions, which in turn is conducive to increasing strength and muscle mass.

In the presence of proline hydroxylase and vitamin, proline is converted into hydroxyproline and next it takes part in building collage, which being the component of extracellular matrix of connective tissue supports bones and cartilaginous elements.

Summing up, Olimp Gold Chicken-Pro is a preparation characterized with rich aminogram, thanks to which it is conducive to building muscle tissue. It is addressed to people who exhibit higher needs for good-quality proteins, especially sportsmen, who prefer other sources of protein than whe


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