Hirudoven Gel


Recommended for relieving fatigue, feeling of heaviness, swelling, tension, pain in the legs with extended painful veins, prevention of varicose veins, conditions associated with impaired feet circulation, change of skin, skin dryness and sagging legs.


The medicinal gel “Hirudoven” contains leech extract as the main active ingredient and horse chestnut extract. Chemicals derived from leech saliva have been used to treat: hypertension, varicose veins,hemorrhoids skin problems. arthritis

Leech therapy has a long history. Records indicate that Egyptians used leech therapy 3,500 years ago. Medicinal leeches have been found to secrete saliva containing about 60 different proteins. Several of these secreted proteins serve as anticoagulants such as hirudin.

Hirudin is the most potent natural inhibitor of thrombin. Hirudin prevents or dissolves the formation of clots and has therapeutic value in blood coagulation disorders, in the treatment of skin hematomas and of superficial varicose veins.

This gel also contains horse chestnut that improves vein tone by helping to increase the contraction of elastin fibers in the vein walls. This activity, called a venotonic effect, counteracts a relaxation of vein tissue that can lead to varicose veins.

Made in Ukraine


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