Lactobin N


Colostrum concentrate from New Zealand with highly-dosed immunoglobulins                   70 g

  • Chronically recurring diarrhoea
  • Heavy haemorrhagic diarrhoea through infection with E. coli
  • Detoxification of the liver/liver function disorders
  • Therapy of tumour cachexia
  • Chronic pain states (fibromyalgia, trigeminus neuralgia)
  • Leaky gut syndrome

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Lactobin® contains standardised concentrate from the colostrum of New Zealand grazing cows which is especially rich in active substances and brings about passive immunisation of the young. In addition to cytokines, growth factors and enzymes this highly complex mixture of immune-and growth factors, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and fats most importantly contains class IgG1 immunoglobulins with a large spectrum of specific antibodies against pathogenic bacteria and viruses. The colostrum is further improved at Dr. Wolz by the following factors:

  • higher IgG content
  • additional antibiotic effect of the immunoglobulins on an extended range of harmful pathogens
  • increased proportion of lactoferrin

Lactobin® is therefore suitable for different indications, for which there are studies from the University of Wurzburg available, such as fibromyalgia, EHEC and reduction of the risk of sepsis after surgery.

There exist patents available for the treatment of chronic pain and liver function disorders. The immunoglobulins, antimicrobial peptides (lactoferrin), growth factors and cytokines contained support the regeneration of the sensitive intestinal cells and also boost their resistance to stress and temperature. Therefore colostrum is also recommended as an option for treating ,leaky gut syndrome’. Unlike products, which can only be used for non-clinical indications (lifestyle, sport), Lactobin® meets all the requirements for use in patients receiving standard treatments.

1 daily ration of 10g powder contains:

Defatted colostrums – 10g concentrate

which of Immunglobulin G – 21,1 %

Lactoferrin 300 – 300 mg

IgA 43 mg

IgM 80 mg

IgF-1 7,1 µg

IgF-2 2IJg

TgF beta-1-1,51 µg

TgF beta-2 10,1 µg

EgF O,8IJg

Lactoperoxidase 250-900 E

Amino acids

Fatty acids

Trace elements


Vitamin 66 0,7 mg

Vitamin B12 1,25 µg

High IgG fraction

Mode of action

  • Antibodies effect against bacteria and bacterial toxins
  • Immunomodulation
  • Promoting monocyte apoptosis (Analgesic)

Recommended intake

Depending on the indication 5 -10 g / day.


Suitable for diabetics. X Detailed technical information avalable!

Free from gelatine, gluten and coloring agents.

Immune therapy     Dr. Wolz

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