Probiocolon® Weightreduction


Weightreduction. Combination of lactic acid bacteria and dietary fibers

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Probiocolon® Weightreduction

Intestine + diet with glucomannan, calcium, probiotics, choline and
vitamin B6

315 g

  • Natural weight loss
  • Contains innovative dietary fiber and specific lactic acid bacteria
  • Acts on digestive enzymes, the energy and fat metabolism and the hormonal activity

Probiocolon® Weightreduction

Probiocolon® Weightreduction is a new preparation developed by means of the latest Dr. Wolz researche – to lose weight in an effective, natural way!

Achieve weight loss naturally!

The formula of Probiocolon® Weightreduction is a forerunner- it contains specific intestinal bacteria and a trio of innovative plant-based, soluble dietary fibers as well as naturally derived, highly bioavailable choline. It promotes the fat metabolism and supports the function of the liver. Vitamin B6 assists the energy metabolism and hormonal activity. The formula is completed by digestive enzymes from the mineral calcium. The dietary fibre glucomannan, which is made from the conjac plant, plays a decisive role in the process of weight loss.

Advantages of a healthy intestinal flora

If you are willing to lose weight you have to take care of your intestinal health. The contained calcium in Probiocolon® Weightreduction supports the function of the digestive enzymes. Around 100 billion trillion microorganisms live in our gastrointestinal tract. These include 400 to 500 different types of bacteria, intestinal fungi and various protoza. All of them form our intestinal flora. With the surface of the intestine they form a barrier and thus, help to protect the whole body.

The components of the intestinal flora determine whether you tend to be skinny or overweight

The composition of the intestinal flora determine whether we tend to be skinny or overweight. Overweight people often have a high concentration of the so-called firmicutes. These bacterial strains are able to metabolize food components very well – they obtain a great deal of energy from them even it is low-calorie food. Then it is stored by the body in forms of fat cells. The good thing: We can positively influence the ratio between “good” and “fattening” bacteria through the right diet. Probiocolon® Weightreduction can help you with the contained ingredient calcium, which contributes to a normal function of digestive enzymes and thereby, plays a significant role in how food is utilized by the metabolism.

Package size: 315 g powder

Vegan. Free from lactose, fructose and colorants

A reasonable combination of lactic acid bacteria and dietary fibers


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