Prostata Pro


Optimum provision of micronutrients for sufferers of prostate disorder.
Prostata pro Dr. Wolz contains only biologically natural ingredients which according to current studies have a protective effect on the prostate: flax seed lignans modulate hormonal effects on the prostate.


Prostata Pro Dr. Wolz contains only natural biological ingredients, which have been selected on the basis of nutritional medicine criteria: flaxseed lignans modulate hormonal effects on the prostate. The secondary plant compound lycopene, which is obtained from the tomato, is regarded as one of the most powerful antioxidants among carotenoids.
The therapeutic potential of vitamin K2 has proved to be significant among patients with advanced prostate cancer in particular. Those with prostate problems often suffer from a lack of vitamin D as well. As a constituent of glutathione peroxidase, selenium plays a major role in detoxification metabolism


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