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According to the US National Institutes of Health, Oxygen provides these health benefits:
• Fuel to burn glucose (sugar) to produce energy for muscle activity
• Fuel to burn glucose to produce energy for thinking
• Spurs metabolism,  so you can exercise… and lose weight
• Helps increase Immune Support
• Get a boost without caffeine • Helps detoxify the body
• Helps with oxygen intake
• Faster recovery rate from injury, and strenuous exercise
• Helps remove Free Radicals


“Second Wind” Oxygen Capsules

Secind Wind is as pure a form of oxygen available on the market today, and you can only find it at Back To Nature, Inc. Our unique, powerful formula can provide you the pure oxygen your body needs to help metabolize toxins and maintain the body’s normal functions. Scientists know that oxygen destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi, increases energy, detoxifies the body, and helps prevent chronic yeast infections and the pain associated with Fibromyalgia. Don’t settle for the inferior, tainted oxygen supplies filled with pollutants that are all around us; insist on pure oxygen.

Additional health benefits being studied:.

For decades, scientists and physicians have known the basic health benefits of oxygen-foundational to breathing-yet additional benefits are constantly under study. Researchers worldwide are examining its oxidizing (burning) properties as it destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, and detoxifies the body and aids with Chronic Candidiasis, Fibromyalgia, and metabolizing energy..

As reported in The Encyclopedia of the Chemical Elements, 1968, by G.A. Cook (Reinhold Corp., NY).

Anti-Aging, Antioxidants, Energy, Immune Support, Parasites Your Checklist for Better Health

  • Increases energy, stamina. Helps breathing at high altitudes.
  • Helps with fatigue, stress, low energy, poor resistance
  • Athletes—helps with endurance, aerobic capacity and recovery. Delays onset of oxygen debt.
  • Seniors—helps with vitality, concentration and alertness
  • Great for smokers and helps with air pollution—helps detoxify chemical overload.
  • Nourishes cells to improve low oxygen levels
  • True stabilized oxygen in a convenient capsule

Oxygen Capsules – Testimonials

“… Since I have been taking oxygen capsules , my breathing feels so much deeper and, of course, I have more energy and a much better sense of wellness. Thank you for making such a difference for me.”

M.E., Vincentown, NJ

“I started taking oxygen capsules, and within weeks felt a tremendous difference in my recovery (between workouts).”

Linda Jackson
1995 Canadian National Cycling Champion

“… how impressed I am with your oxygen capsules… (giving me) greater energy and stamina … thank you for this breakthrough in technology. Athletes and non-athletes can truly gain results from this optimum bio-available oxygen.”

Debbi Lawrence
1992/1996/2000 Olympic Racewalker

“… (with) dwindling energy … oxygen capsules have truly been a godsend for me. Some of the positive attributes realized have been: increased energy, altitude improvements, memory and problem-solving enhancements, ability to recover faster after heavy exertion, getting more done daily than ever before, and the restoration of hope in the future.”

Nicholas A., New York, NY

SECOND WIND  Capsules Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need an oxygen supplement?
Your body needs oxygen, its most vital nutrient, to maintain normal cellular functions and for a host of other important uses. Your body uses oxygen at a very rapid rate. Mental or physical stress, disease, poor diet or lack of exercise can create a need for more oxygen — yet most people don’t get enough. The Earth’s air used to be almost 40% oxygen, but now it’s only about 20% (less at altitude). SECOND WIND give your body extra oxygen to help your body function at its optimum.

Who should use SECOND WIND?
Most people can benefit from increased oxygen. Typical situations where SECOND WIND can really help are: high altitude where oxygen is thinner, smoggy or polluted environments, offices or work areas with poor air circulation. Smokers, athletes, seniors and more can all benefit from increased oxygen.

How much do you need and how does it work?
Most people use 1-2 capsules 2-3 times a day. SECOND WIND uses a complex biochemical reaction with your stomach’s natural acids that produces molecular oxygen

SECOND WIND is a safe, non toxic supplement.

Similar to thousands of other quality health supplements, SECOND WIND is not classified as a drug by the Food and Drug Administration. However, the effects of increased oxygenation may have the following beneficial results:

  • Fighting Infection and Bacteria

As we recall, infection results from anaerobic conditions: gangrene being an example. Actually, there are three classes of bacteria:

(i) Aerobic i.e. friendly bacteria found in the intestinal tract).
(ii) Aerobic/ Anaerobic and,
(iii) Anaerobic.

All third class bacteria are infectious and disease motivated. According to a lab report from Baylor Research Foundation the following bacteria are killed by Stabilized Oxygen:

Giardia Lamblia

  • Oxygen Increases Energy Levels
    Of course this doesn’t come as any surprise because we have already concluded that oxygen is vital for energy and health. Many athletes use SECOND WIND and attest to increased stamina and concentration. Many body builders use SECOND WIND before workouts for increased performance.
  • Oxygen to Combate Candida albicans
    Let’s look at another area where SECOND WIND has met with success. In the recent years we have seen an increase in the number of people with a yeast overgrowth problem called Candida-albicans. This disease takes root with relative ease in an oxygen deficient body and SECOND WIND is an excellent adjunct for this reason. People with “Candidiasis” also have an impaired immune system, especially if a history of antibiotics is also present. From information provided by nutritionists, doctors and patients using SECOND WIND for the treatment of Candida, it appears to be very successful over a period of time. In some cases 3 to 4 months.
  • Oxygen to Combate Emphysema, Asthma
    Another benefit of increased oxygen to the lungs is the amelioration of symptoms associated with poor lung activity such as emphysema, asthma, and sinus disorders.Some emphysema patients have reduced or been able to go completely off of their oxygen machines. Smokers will find that using SECOND WIND daily helps to alleviate the effects of smoke damage and oxygen deprivation caused by cigarette smoking and drugs. Many laser therapies offer SECOND WIND as part of their stop smoking program.
  • Oxygen as a Blood Purifier
    Many people who have chronic cold hands and feet suffer from poor circulation. When the blood is not saturated with sufficient oxygen, cells starve. The body reacts by withdrawing blood from extremities to maintain the integrity of the internal organs, thus our hands and feet become cold. It may surprise some people to know that the head is also considered an extremity and is also dependent on good circulation.

Oxygen starved blood results in an oxygen starved brain which produces symptoms of senility, poor memory retention etc. Next time you have a head cold you can remind yourself that you are lacking oxygen. In any case, SECOND WIND could improve the condition of the blood and increases the circulation. Stabilized Oxygen is sold in Australia under the Label NACLO.

In a report from Ziema McDonald (DBM, ND, BI, DNB, BSCIN) Nutritional Health Centre in Australia there was a clearly indicated improvement of all the energy levels of a patient 10 minutes after the use of NACLO (Stabilized Oxygen). A Plasma printer and Bio Transmitter was used to gather this information.

  • There are many other reported benefits associated with Oxygen, including:increased memory
    reduced blood pressure
    disappearing varicose veins
    improved diabetic conditions
    improved digestion etc.
  • Oxygen  and Disease
    Oxygen is the source of life and energy to all cells. Body abuse through eating and drinking habits (including pollutants and toxic preservatives in our water and food), air pollution, use of drugs and lack of exercise can greatly reduce the amount of oxygen available to the cells.

When there is insufficient oxygen to support the health of a cell, the cell turns to another source of energy called fermentation. This fermentation results in an anaerobic environment which upsets the metabolism of the cell and it no longer participates in the healthy functioning of the body It causes the cell to start manufacturing improper chemicals, and soon a whole group of cells are unhealthy and weak. They lose their natural immune system.

Thus the development of a shortage of oxygen in the blood could very well be the starting point for the loss of the immune system and the beginning of feared health problems such as cancer, leukemia, AIDS, candida, seizures, and nerve deterioration.

This research is confirmed by the renowned biochemist and Nobel Prize laureate, Dr Otto Warburg. He stressed the importance of oxygen especially in its connection to cancer. Dr. Warburg summarized by saying: “The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the normal oxygen respiration of body cells by an anaerobic cell respiration.”

Sub-optimal oxygenation of tissues and cells seen in cellular hypoxia is not only the underlying cause of cancer but results in a predisposition towards degenerative disease and is an outstanding factor in immunodepressive illnesses: therefore it follows that oxygen will restore health.

  • Oxidation
    Oxygen is used in many processes that break down excess or toxic materials in the body. The combining of a substance with oxygen is called oxidation.

It is the lack of oxygen in proper amounts in the system that prevents oxidation and oxygenation, which energizes the cells to biological regeneration. These processes are the foundation of life and death. If the normal environment of the cell can be maintained, it will not lose its growth and reproduction potential. Sub-oxygen creates sub-oxidation.

An oxygen deficiency plays an important part in cellular contamination. Oxygen is a powerful detoxifier, and when its quantity is deficient, toxins begin to devastate body functions and deplete the body of life-giving energy. Without oxygen, there can be no nourishment. Without nourishment, no heat and no energy can be created, and the body cannot purify itself. The unhindered development of this metabolic process results in a circumstance that we call sound health.

  • Detoxification and Cleansing Effects of Oxygen
    Oxygen plays another important role in the body acting as a guardian and protector against unfriendly bacteria and disease organisms. One of oxygen’s major functions is disintegration. Rubble, garbage, toxins, refuse, debris, and anything useless are destroyed by oxygen and carried out of the system. Just as a clean house holds little interest to passing flies, likewise, an oxygen rich body is a difficult fortress to assail.

So now we see that oxygen plays the dual role of maintaining a pure environment essential to our well-being and Secondly, provides the energy to our cells that is so vitally necessary for proper metabolism. If we can agree that oxygen is the key to improved health, then the importance of adequate exercise, balanced diet, sufficient rest and emotional composure, becomes self evident.

Unfortunately, for many of us, the reality of our everyday life overshadows the ideal, and we don’t always eat right or get the rest we need. If only there was a way to get more oxygen into our bodies.


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