Siberian Orange Berry Oil


Comes from the Altay Region of Siberia. It is highly unusual for it's rare combination of valued vitamins, essential Unsaturated Fatty Acids, Flavonoids and Minerals
(oleum hippophaes)
Also konwn as Sea Buckthorn, Oblepicha and Rokitnik
(2 oz)

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Grown on Willow-like shrubs, the Diberian Orangeberries, seeds, bark and leaves are all of high value. The Berries mature in clusters to a bright orange-yellow and are normally 6-8 mm in diameter. Rich in nutrients, they are also very decorative.
The Orange Berry content of vitamin C is one of the highest of all fruits. It is generally acknowledged that Vitamin C is of great importance in establishing immunity to cancers and other diseases, consequently promoting health and longevity.

The Flavoniods, (mainly Quercitin and Isorhamnetin) have been demonstrated to be efficacious in hypertension and coronary heart disease.

Contains 200 mg. Of Vitamin E and 100 mg. of Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene). The oil contains more Vitamin A than fish liver oil. The oil also has great value for it’s Essential Unsaturated Fatty Acids (EUFA). With a Linoleic Acid content of 34.7% it helps prevent further cholesterol from depositing on the blood vessel walls, thus preventing vascular sclerosis. At the same time, Vitamin E prevents the Linoleic Acid from oxidizing. The Oil may help Prolong Human’s Life Span.

Cosmetic preparations of the Oil have been recommended for external use in cases of burns, bed sores and other skin complications induced by confinement to bed, or from treatment with X-rays and other radiation.


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