Sleep Relax Duo* Dr. Wolz


60 tabs

the new innovative sleep product

The topic of “sleep + falling asleep” is currently a very big trend worldwide.

We offer the ideal solution with the new innovative sleep products from Dr. Wolz, which are top-class in terms of the ingredients used!

– Sleep Relax Duo* Dr. Wolz (capsules)

– Sleep Spray Dr. Wolz

The problem:

– People are sleeping less and less.

– 28% of workers in the EU have reported stress-related illnesses or health problems.

– Increasing sensory overload, lack of regeneration, stress – intensified by the pandemic – lead to mental disorders, which among other things result in problems falling asleep.

This means that sleep problems are not an isolated problem that can be solved with sleeping pills. Sleep problems must be tackled holistically!

The solution:

The new Sleep Relax Duo* is a holistic approach that addresses exactly these problems.

A morning capsule supports relaxation, nerves and psyche during the day

Two evening capsules actively promote fast falling asleep and healthy sleep.

a melatonin sleep spray for immediate effect.

Contains ashwagandha, melatonin, lemon balm, green tea, vitamins B6 and B12, passion flower extract.

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