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About the product

  • ADVANTAGES — this dietary supplement has a positive effect on the increase of muscle strength and stamina. It helps to increase immunity, it reduces fatigue and stress and it also improves sexual performance. It is an excellent product designed for physically active men.
  • TWO FORMULAS — this product is a combination of two formulas, TESTO-GENERATION and PRO_Activation Blend, which contain a composition of active ingredients, such as ashwagandha extract (KSM-66) and clinically tested D-aspartic acid (DAA). This combination is intended to maximise the free form of blood testosterone.
  • INNOVATIVE INGREDIENT — it contains the patented ashwagandha extract (KSM-66), which, among others, improves sperm parameters and increases fat-free muscle mass. Moreover, it increases regeneration after training and decreases stress levels.
  • CONTAINS ZINC — the presence of this ingredient is necessary for the correct synthesis of proteins and cell division, and helps to maintain the correct level of testosterone in the blood, while helping to ensure proper fertility and reproductive functions.


Product description

By taking a new approach to the problem of a well-constructed T-booster; that is, a preparation which positively influences the level of free testosterone in the body, we have focused on proven solutions, enriched with the latest active substances. That is why the functioning of Olimp Testoxeed is based on a maximum increase of free testosterone in the blood. That is how a composition of active ingredients from the two formulas TESTO-GENERATION and PRO_Activation Blend was created.
The first contains clinically tested DAA (D-aspartic acid), common oat extract, grape skin extract, fenugreek and Maca root extract and zinc, which is essential, among other things, for a proper protein synthesis process and helps maintain an appropriate level of testosterone in the blood.
The second formula is supplemented by golden root extract (which, among other things, increases body immunity when fighting stress), a patented AstraGin extract mixture (which regulates the rate of absorption and metabolism of macronutrients), as well as magnolia berry and black pepper extract standardised for 95% piperine.
The most innovative ingredient used in Olimp Testoxeed is however the patented ashwagandha extract (KSM-66). It increases the level of testosterone and LH and improves sperm parameters. It is effective in the treatment of infertility and has a positive effect on the hormonal profile of male bodies. KSM-66 increases the amount of fat-free muscle mass and accelerates post-workout regeneration, while decreasing cortisol and stress levels.


Olimp Testoxeed is intended for adults, physically active men and for athletes.
It is recommended to take it twice a day, a single capsule during a meal. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.
It is not recommended for use by children, pregnant or breast-feeding women or in case of sensitivity to any of the ingredients it contains.


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