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Reduce stress and decrease inflammation                                                                                                                                                      30 patches

Y-Age Patches Reduce Stress and Decrease Inflammation!



The Y-Age Aeon patch is a unique, one-of-akind product, which has never before been available. In clinical research performed by LifeWave, it has been determined that Aeon has the following benefits:

  • Clinically tested to reduce stress in the body
  • Clinically tested to decrease inflammation
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • No chemicals enter the body

Our research demonstrates results. A clinical study showed lowered heart rate variability and a balancing of the autonomic nervous system within just 10 minutes of patch application. This is a result of a calm, stress-free state. In another study, infrared imaging illustrated a decrease in inflammation in response to Aeon. Other clinical tests demonstrated that Aeon lowers C-reactive proteins (which rise in response to inflammation). This is important because inflammation is often a symptom of stress and it can damage healthy tissue and even DNA. A New Era in Anti-Aging Although we may not think about it this way, the stress of daily life creates a tremendous impact on how we age. You can probably identify people in your own life who have been under so much stress that they seem to age before your eyes. And the evidence for the link between stress and aging isn’t just anecdotal. For more than fifty years, physiologists have known that stressing an animal will cause it to age very quickly. Stress produces harmful free radicals and other bio-chemicals that can damage our tissues and DNA. Recent research also shows that chronic stress reduces levels of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), a powerful hormone directly connected to lifespan, and increases levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which has been linked to accelerated aging. But we now have a powerful new weapon in the battle against stress and aging – the Y-Age Aeon patch. This revolutionary new product is designed to help promote an “anti-stress” response in your body. Lower levels of stress have been shown to help combat the ravages of aging. The Aeon patch is applied to acupuncture points that have been known to stimulate the immune system, so you can get the maximum benefits from this product.

Y-Age Aeon® Brings Balance

Your autonomic nervous system is perhaps the most important indicator of how your body handles stress. This regulatory system controls most of the involuntary activities of your body, such as digestion, metabolism and heart rate. Our research has shown that Y-Age Aeon helps support the balance of the autonomic nervous system, ultimately decreasing the body’s stress response.

“Infrared imaging provides visual representation of the Aeon patch at work. After 10 minutes, you can see a clear drop in local temperature, indicating a reduction in inflammation.” – Dean Clark,



DC Y-Age Aeon® Gets Results

Because research is a top priority at LifeWave, our products are subjected to rigorous testing. Y-Age Aeon is no exception. Studies have been conducted to show the efficacy of the Aeon patch, and to help uncover the significant benefits of this innovative product. Y-

Y-Age Aeon Research

Aeon Patch Improves Cellular Organ Function (2010) Sherry Greenberg, MA, PhD; Homer Nazeran PhD, CPEng (Biomed.) “The Aeon study was such a revelation! Everyone felt stronger, all participants improved and some even asked for more patches. In the long run, it is my opinion that bioelectrical improvement in organ function will mitigate the deteriorating effects of aging on the organs.” – Dr. Sherry Greenberg, MA, PhD

Study of the Effects of LifeWave Patches on Human Biofield (2010) – Centre for Biofield Sciences “The participants wearing the LifeWave Aeon patch showed a significant improvement on all three scanning devices used in this study. In addition, positive responses were expressed by every participant wearing the Aeon patch in the MYMOP 2 questionnaire.” – Center for Biofield Sciences

Analysis of the Aeon Patch Heart Rate Rythm (2010) – Thomas Budzynski, PhD; Helen Budzynski, PhD; Jean Tang, PhD “Sympathetic drive was reduced, parasympathetic drive was increased and a balance was achieved. This has important implications for stress and aging, both of which often involve heightened sympathetic drive. In our opinion, the Aeon patch therefore provides valuable protection from stress and aging.” – Dr. Thomas Budzynski, PhD

Effects of the LifeWave Aeon Patch Using Infrared Imaging (2010) – Dean Clark, DC “There was a clear decrease in pain levels in the majority of the participants. The majority of participants also experienced improved energy and mental focus. Overall, my study revealed that there were several people who had tried other Lifewave products and found a completely different physiological response with Aeon.” – Dr. Dean Clark, DC

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Y-Age Aeon?

Aeon has been clinically tested to reduce both stress and inflammation, two major causes of aging.

What will I feel when wearing the Y-Age Aeon patch?

Although you may not initially feel anything, many people have reported increased energy and an overall sense of well-being. As is the case with the other Y-Age patches, you may note some initial detoxification symptoms.

How soon can I expect to see results with Y-Age Aeon?     Although individual results may vary, many people note immediate detoxification reaction and initial improvements in energy levels within days of patch use. We recommend 90 days of Y-Age patch use for more significant anti-aging benefits. .

How do the patches work if nothing enters the body?

LifeWave patches are clinically proven to stimulate acupuncture points, ultimately improving the flow of energy in the body. No drugs, stimulants or needles are needed.

Are the patches safe to use?

The patches are non-transdermal, meaning that nothing enters the body. Additionally, LifeWave uses a patch adhesive that is hypoallergenic. Homeopathy and acupressure have been long known for their safety and efficacy. If you have a health condition, please consult your physician before using LifeWave products.

Have the patches been independently tested?

LifeWave has completed dozens of clinical studies that prove the patch products improve health and wellness.

How long can I wear the patches on my body?

The patches may be worn for up to twelve hours. Discard the patch after use and wear a new patch with each use.

Where do you apply the patches for best results?

Each patch product has its own list of recommended placements along with detailed instructions for use.

Refer to the below Instructions:

Do I have to be an expert in acupuncture, acupressure, or homeopathy to use the patches?

No, you can effectively use the patches by following the protocols outlined in the LifeWave Instructions for Use booklet (see below).

Can the patches be combined?

Yes, different patch types can be combined for enhanced benefits. You can find many recommended combinations in The LifeWave Handbook, which members can order from the Back Office (in the “Sales Aids” section of the Shopping Cart).

Can anyone use the LifeWave patches?

Anyone with a serious health condition is urged to contact a healthcare professional before using the patches. Also, individuals who are pregnant and/or nursing should not use the patches.

What is in the patches?

The patches contain a patent pending blend including amino acids, water, stabilized oxygen, and natural organic compounds. None of the materials in the patch enters the body.

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