Brokkoliextrakt + Aktiv Enzym (Broccoli Extract + Active Enzyme


Broccoli Extract + Active Enzyme

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Introducing a new innovative product by Dr. Wolz:

Brokkoliextrakt + Aktiv Enzym (Broccoli Extract + Active Enzyme)!

Broccoli is becoming more and more popular. The reason:

Numerous studies prove its protective effect against cancer and destruction of nerve cells (dementia / M. Alzheimer).

The health effect is mainly due to the phytochemicals contained in broccoli, such as quercetin and glucoraphanin.

Glucoraphanin is converted in the intestine with the enzyme myrosinase to the active ingredient sulforaphane.

However, anyone who believes that they are doing something good with eating plenty of broccoli will be a little disappointed.

Unfortunately most of the newer breeds do not contain many bioactive plant compounds.

Also, the valuable ingredients in broccoli are largely destroyed by storage, by freezing and, above all, by cooking.

For anyone who wants to consume broccoli for health reasons or to use it therapeutically,

Dr. Wolz now offers this special highly bioavailable broccoli seed extract with glucoraphanin, Myrosinase and quercetin.

One capsule corresponds to approx. 500 g of raw broccoli!

Take advantage of the broccoli trend and add Brokkoliextrakt + Aktiv-Enzym to your diet!

High bioavailability

Glucoraphanin is converted both by the enzyme myrosinase to be found in broccoli and our microbiome to the substance sulphoraphane which acts in the body. Why don’t we then simply extract sulphoraphane and provide it in capsule form? Some providers do so, and retail dried sulphoraphane. The problem: sulphoraphane extract generally is not usually very stable. A better bioavailability and effect in the body

requires a direct combination – as is the case with

Brokkoliextrakt + Aktiv-Enzym – glucoraphanin with the enzyme myrosinase.

After ingestion one part is then rapidly broken down into the active component sulphoraphane and another more slowly by intestinal bacteria. This provides a completely fresh supply of sulphoraphane to the body. These two processes have the effect to extend the level

of active substance. As glucoraphanin and myrosinase are sensitive to acids, administration requires a capsule that can resist gastric acid.

Compared to pure sulphoraphane extract a combination of glucoraphanin and myrosinase such as in                                      Brokkoliextrakt + Aktiv-Enzym has a significantly longer effective level.



One daily dose of Brokkoliextrakt + Aktiv-Enzym (1 capsule) contains:

                                                           per 1 capsule e

Broccoli seed extract                             200 mg

of which glucoraphanin                          20 mg

quercetin                                                  30 mg

myrosinase                                                2 mg

Capsule shell made from cellulose.

Recommended dosage:

1 capsule a day with a drink with meals. Do not take with hot drinks.


 without gluten, lactose, fructose

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