Probiotic Dr. Wolz Ultra Strength


40 caps.

specially developed to support a healthy intestinal mucosa

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Dr. Wolz Probiotic Ultra Strength protects, nurtures and improves your gut health. Each of the 40 capsules (made from vegetables to suit a vegan diet) contain 18 strains of lactic acid bacteria cultures, those that work wonders in the human biome. These are clinically validated strains, in acid-resistant capsules so that the 100 billion live bacteria (CFU) in each capsule are fully bio-available when they reach the large intestines. A convenient feature: no refrigeration required. The pills are guaranteed to contain shelf stable, live pro-biotic bacteria cultures.

Suggested Use: Take only as directed. Do not exceed recommended dose. Daily amount 4 capsules, with a meal or spread over the course of the day with water. If taking daily reduce intake to 2 capsules.

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