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Elimination of residual gluten in food

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Gluten STOP Dr Wolz

new, absolutely innovative product eliminates residual gluten in food

With Gluten STOP, residual gluten in food can be eliminated. It contains a special digestive enzyme, prolyloligopeptidase, which cleaves the amino acid chains (peptides) in the gluten. In this way gluten can be digested well and cause no harm in the intestine. Gluten STOP is therefore ideal for those who need to eat a gluten-free diet and want to prevent the appearance of gluten traces in supposedly gluten-free foods. Gluten STOP is currently the only preparation containing this gluten-splitting enzyme. In contrast to other products available so far, it almost completely eliminates the residual gluten contained in the food.

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Dr Wolz’ private company has been producing  products for over 45 years, which aid in comprehensively supplying the cells of the human body and which contribute to the whole organism’s self-regulatory capacity. This new product, Gluten STOP, has been developed for all those who do not tolerate gluten protein. Because: many processed foods products contain concealed gluten! Gluten STOP breaks down this residual gluten  to prevent it from causing further harm in the intestine.


Georg Wolz, PhD,MD

Gluten Stop with gluten-splitting enzyme for breaking down gluten eliminates residual gluten in food



CELIAC DISEASE: Gluten intolerance

Celiac disease is an intolerance reaction to the protein gluten. Gluten chiefly occurs in varieties of grain such as wheat, spelt, rye or barley. The undigested gluten causes inflammation in the intestinal mucosa. This can cause the villi to recede and the small intestine’s surface area to shrink. The result: as insufficient nutrients are then absorbed, nutrient deficits develop in the course of the disease which can trigger a series of disorders. The most frequent symptoms with celliac disease affect bowel function, for example nausea, diarrhea or flatulence.


In addition to celiac disease, the German Society for Internal Medicine (DGMI) recently recognized the pathology of gluten/ wheat sensitivity. Strictly speaking, it must be termed Not Celiac Disease-Not Wheat Allergy-Wheat Sensitivity. It affects people who do not tolerate gluten or wheat, however for whom no celiac disease or wheat allergy can be diagnosed. People affected are therefore anyone who reacts positively to a gluten-free diet after excluding celiac disease and wheat allergy.

Gluten-free diet campaign

Whereas people affected by celiac disease have to seek lifelong nutrition without gluten, someone affected by gluten/wheat sensitivity can stand a certain amount of gluten, depending upon the manifestation. However, here too, avoidance of gluten is the most important therapy form: an improvement usually already occurs within one to two weeks of a gluten-free diet. But, especially if you eat out with friends or at a restaurant, it is difficult to eat 100% gluten-free.


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