Sanuzella® ZYM sportsline


Sanuzella® ZYM sportsline 

Combination pack 14 x 20 ml + 14 capsules

Ampoule drinking program containing active                                                                       substance complex specially for athletes

  • Increased burden in training (oxidative stress)
  • Reduction of muscular stress
  • Shortening of regeneration
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Improving performance



  • Increased burden in training (oxidative stress)
  • Reduction of muscular stress
  • Shortening of regeneration
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Improving performance

Sanuzella® ZYM sportsline is a product which has long been proven for supporting athletic performance. Olympic teams, Bundesliga clubs and top-class athletes figure just as much among daily users as do recreational sports people and those undergoing work stress. In addition to the abundant Enzyme Yeast Cells Dr. Wolz® and their biological protective enzymes, it also contains phytochemicals, bioflavonoids, coenzymes such as Q10 and minerals, vitamins and trace elements, The performance enhancing effect has been confirmed by the university in Freiburg. It probed the impact of a six-week administration of Enzyme Yeast Cells Dr. Wolz® on physical performance and cell stress among a group of endurance athletes. The results showed an optimal utilization of oxygen linked to an improvement in muscular performance and a decline in oxidative stress. Sanuzella® ZYM is tested regularly by the German Sports University, Cologne for banned substances and therefore is guaranteed to be drug-free.

1 dally dosage of 20 ml contains

Bioactive substances: (abstract)

6,000 different proteins, which are very similar to human proteins,

Glutathione, cell wall components glucans 1.6/ 1.3 mannans, SH-group-rich Scleroproteins, Glucosamins, peptides, phosphates, phosphatidylcholine, cardiolipin, ergosterol, Chromosomal and mitochondrial DNA sequences Phytochemicals from fruit and vegetable complexes,


Vitamin B1   3.3 mg

Vitamin B2   4.,2 mg

Vitamin B6   4,2 mg

Vitamin B12   7,5µg

Niacin (NE)     32mg

Biotin              150 µg

Natural Vitamin E (a-TEl  36mg

Pantothenic acid   6mg

Amino acids

Glycine                   113 mg

Alanine                   153 mg

Serine                     130 mg

Threonine             130 mg

Valine                     140 mg

Leucine                 180 mg

Aspartic acid       270 mg

Glutamine            390 mg

Arginine               130 mg

Lysine                   190 mg

Cysteine                  26 mg

Methionine            40 mg

Tyrosine                 85 mg

Phelynanine        105 mg

Proline                     90 mg

Tryptophane          30 mg

Minerals. Trace elements:

Phosphorus       40mg

Potassium       153 mg

Magnesium       17 mg

Sodium              200 µg

Iron                       67 µg

Manganese       233 µg

Copper                    7 µg

Molybdenum         7 µg

Calcium               67 mg

Zinc                        5  mg

Selenium              55  µg

Active substances of the capsules:   per capsule:

Beta-Glucan  from yeast            53 mg

Hesperidin                                    25 mg

Lycopene                                          2 mg

Coenzyme Q10                             30 mg

Folic acid                                       200 µg

Vitamin C                                        40 mg

Official equipment for many athletes

  Combination pack 14 x20 ml + 14 capsules

Mode of action

  • Anti-oxidative
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Cell-protective
  • Improvement in cellular respiration

Recommended intake: Zell Oxygen® ZYM sportsline is a concentrate, therefore take 1 drinking vial a day diluted with 125 ml of a beverage taken at or after meals in one or more doses, add 1 capsule.


Not suitable for children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and alcoholics. Suitable for diabetics. Each daily dose is equivalent to 0.7 BU

X Detailed technical information available!

Free from gluten, lactose, coloring agents and preservatives, Capsules from vegetable cellulose.

Detoxification, strengthening, regeneration

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