Supports immune function
• Supports cardiovascular health
• Protects cells and the nervous system from oxidative damage
• Supports brain health

Astaxanthin most powerful antioxidant

  • Supports immune function
    • Supports cardiovascular health
    • Protects cells and the nervous system from oxidative damage
    • Supports brain health

But it does something else amazing…It also makes you LOOK younger, like you completely turned back the clock… as if by magic… Now’s the time to make a change.And it’s almost completely unknown to most doctors. That’s no surprise, because it comes from one of the most remote and dangerous places on the planetThe treacherous Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica. In this freezing ocean… with gale-force winds and giant waves that regularly sink ships… lives a very tiny creature. They’re called krill.

Krill looks kind of like miniature shrimp. Here’s a picture.

You’ll notice they’re the same pinkish color as shrimp.  And their color is actually very important. Because the thing that gives them their pink color is a special nutrient inside them called Astaxanthin.

Science is now learning that Astaxanthin is a miracle health solution for seniors. Scientists have confirmed you can help stop the aging process in your cells by protecting against free radicals. And certain substances called “anti-oxidants” are really effective at destroying these dangerous “free radicals”. And Astaxanthin is the undefeated champion of anti-oxidants. There is nothing better at destroying the dangerous free radicals that damage and age your body.

Have you heard of resveratrol?

It’s the substance found in red wine that a lot of medical types are saying is one of the best things for keeping you youthful and healthy. Well, clearly they haven’t heard of Astaxanthin, because in vitro studies show it crushes resveratrol like a pro football team taking on some Pop Warner kids. Astaxanthin is 3,000 times more powerful as an antioxidant than resveratrol.And everyone knows how good vitamin C is for you, right? And it is important, yes. But Astaxanthin is an unbelievable 6,000 TIMES more powerful than vitamin C.

There’s nothing else like it I’ve ever found.

And there is no more powerful way to “turn back the clock” on every single cell in your entire body than by taking the right amount of Astaxanthin. Verified scientific studies have now shown that taking just a little Astaxanthin has remarkable “youth restoring” effects… It helps improve your long-distance vision… significantly helping your eyes focus on objects far away – like a distant road sign on the street… Or recognize a friend who’s way down the street… Astaxanthin also helps your eyes focus better and more quickly… Does this mean you could read restaurant menus, see the television, make out street signs easier, and enjoy a good book even if the living room lights are dim? There’s more.

Astaxanthin is truly a wonder for aging eyes

In a study on mice, Astaxanthin protected the delicate retinal cells of the eye from aging… A 6mg dose also helps reduce the eyestrain you could experience after reading small print on a menu, recipe, or newspaper…

But Astaxanthin has another very big trick up its sleeve.

Because it does so much more than improve your vision… Now, giving your body an “age reset” from the inside out is a life-changing thing… And to know that you could even be increasing your lifespan by 10 years or more will give you an incredible sense of peace and security… And feeling boundless, youthful energy coursing through your veins… giving you the vigor to do all the things you once loved again.

Plus, sharper eyesight to help you recognize street signs easier and read all your favorite books… Now, who wouldn’t want a true age-reversal inside your body… re-energizing every single cell?           But let’s be honest here. Yes, you want to feel happier, healthier, and more energetic. Of course.

But, you wouldn’t mind LOOKING a whole lot younger too, would you? Maybe even looking decades younger? You know, back when you got a whole lot of attention from the opposite sex?     Well, you’re going to love the next thing … Because Astaxanthin is so powerful… it even helps reverse the age of your skin. By DECADES. Scientific studies have shown that in just 6 weeks, Astaxanthin reduced facial line and wrinkles by an astonishing 50% … a FULL 50% REDUCTION in wrinklesin just weeks.

Look in the mirror tonight… and then picture your face with half as many lines and wrinkles just a few weeks from now. Not only that, Astaxanthin improves the elasticity of your skin… so it looks and feels younger to the touch. Maybe like it did when you were first dating your spouse? And thanks to Astaxanthin, your skin will hold more moisture… so it looks fuller and smoother. Younger. You might even see that youthful radiance return to your skin… the “young glow” you thought was long gone. Imagine how you’ll want to rush to the mirror every single morning to see it workingalmost like a calendar spinning in reverse… the years of age vanishing from your face and a younger, more attractive you emerging… Heck, some of your friends might even suspect you of “having some work done.” Just smile and accept their compliments… you know the amazing truth. And feel free to let them in on your secret if you choose. When you think of what it does for your eyes and every cell in your bodyPlus the fact that you could smooth away half of your wrinkles and restore your younger, smoother skin…  It’s simply astonishing that mainstream medicine has not yet caught on to Astaxanthin.

And it’s possible that’s because krill – a major source of Astaxanthin – down in the Antarctic South Ocean are pretty hard to get to.

But there is a facility right here in the United States that has figured out how to farm Astaxanthin from natural micro-algae (they’re like tiny plants)… and the super-charged Astaxanthin they’re creating is like the regular stuff on steroids. In fact, the kind they’re farming has 1,500 times more Astaxanthin than you’d find in krill. And you don’t have to book a trip to frigid Antarctica to get it! In fact, I’ve worked with this cutting-edge American facility… the one making the most powerful Astaxanthin concentrations on earth… To secure a supply for you and your spouse for “youthful eyes” … and 50% less wrinkles… And combined the perfect doses of each nutrient… in the highest quality forms…


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